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If you are thinking of selling your home, chances are you are caught up in a mass of emotions. You may be looking forward to moving into a larger home or downsizing now that the children are grown and live elsewhere. Maybe you are moving across the country or just across the street. The decision you are about to make is critical. You are about to place the marketing of your most valuable asset in someone's hands. You need to be comfortable with that choice. Remember my business is built around three principles:



  • There are agents that sit around hoping someone else will sell their listing. They are called passive agents. I am an active Realtor that will take the needed actions to sell your home. Some agents will tell you anything just to get your listing. This only hurts you because they have no plan in place once you've signed the contract. I will always tell you the facts. I have the plan to market your home effectively. I work for you and not the purchaser.
  • I will conduct an extensive interview with you to determine all issues from the amount of money you desire to receive at closing, the reasons for selling your home, and the time frame within which you need to move.
  • I will then review your home providing professional help on simple things that you can do to improve the resale value of your home.
  • I will conduct research on similar homes in your area as to their value and their selling price. We will determine the differences in your home and the comparables. We will then agree on a listing price using all the above factors and others you may have.
  • Your home will be on the Multiple Listing Service within 48 hours and I will take pictures for MLS that present your home in the most appealing way. My description will be equally attractive. The picture taken by MLS is taken from the street which doesn’t always present your home in the most attractive way.
  • I will have your home put on a virtual tour if I think it will help the sale of your home. This is at my personal expense.
  • I will advertise your home in the market publications. Again at my personal expense. I will also produce color flyers with pictures of your home again at my expense.
  • Your home will become a Featured Listing on this web site exposing your property to many browsers. Furthermore, your home will receive premium exposure on my office's web site and the web site's on several other local affiliates.
  • I will usually hold a series of open showings for your home. All local agents will be invited to the first one. This gives your home the most wide spread exposure quickly. If you wish I will then hold at least one open house showing to the public. We will review the results together.
  • The biggest frustration for home sellers is the lack of communication with their Realtor. We will communicate at least weekly to review activities occurring on your home.
  • I will have all potential purchasers pre-approved for financing before presenting their proposal to you. This eliminates the waste of time dealing with people who can’t afford your home. Potential buyers can be pre-approved in less than a day.
  • Your closing will be as easy as I can make it and will be without surprises.

Brinkley Realty Group, LLC

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678-935-0887 ext. 966

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